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go test ./... -run TestToRunRun a single test
go test ./... -run TestToRun -testify.m SuiteTestToRunRun a single suite test
go test -tags=integration ./...Run tests with a custom build tag
gofmt -w -r 'ChangeFrom -> ChangeTo' .Use gofmt to rename ChangeFrom to ChangeTo

Reuse a variable in fmt call

func main() {
	s := "World"

	fmt.Printf(`Hello %[1]s Goodbye %[1]s`, s)

Run a single suite test

As described in the the above table, single suite test can be run with the go test ./... -run TestToRun -testify.m SuiteTestToRun command.

However, you should set the test path correctly (i.e. not ./...) because if you run tests for a package that doesn't use testify you'll get a flag provided but not defined error.